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Azamatteroprinciple at currently has five primary sections:

1. Posts by the site owner, which include his own views as well as posts that reference relevant news items and posts from other Blogs about Earmarks and Government spending;
2. LEADERS IN THE FIGHT - This is a link list of websites and organizations that are dedicated to responsible government and the elimination or at least transparency of earmarks in federal budgeting;
3. GOVERNMENT RESOURCES – Most of these are searchable/interactive databases provided by various Federal Agencies such as the General Services Administration, Office of Management and Budget and the Census Bureau. Federal is included because, while it currently has no data available it gives the public the opportunity to comment on what they would like to see as to functionality for the future system mandated by the Federal Funding and Accountability Act;
4. PRIVATE RESOURCES – This section includes the Sunlight Foundation’s new LOUIS searchable/interactive database as well as other sources of consistent information on earmarks and government spending; and,
5. RECOMMENDED READING – This section includes news articles and research reports regarding earmarks, government spending and some of the controversies involved.

The following provide descriptions of the sites linked to Azamatteroprinciple.


PORKBUSTERS.ORG – Created by Glenn Beck of and N.Z. Bear of The Truth Laid Bear includes a sign-up for volunteers to help House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey (D-WI) review the current backlog of earmarks, the PORK HALL OF SHAME and Pork Issues.

OMB WATCH - exists to increase government transparency and accountability; to ensure sound, equitable regulatory and budgetary processes and policies; and to protect and promote active citizen participation in our democracy.

THE SUNLIGHT FOUNDATION - was founded in January 2006 with the goal of using the revolutionary power of the Internet and new information technology to enable citizens to learn more about what Congress and their elected representatives are doing, and thus help reduce corruption, ensure greater transparency and accountability by government, and foster public trust in the vital institutions of democracy. We are unique in that technology and the power of the Internet are at the core of every one of our efforts.

THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION – founded in 1973, is a research and educational institute - a think tank - whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY (AFP) and (AFP FOUNDATION) - are committed to educating citizens about economic policy and mobilizing those citizens as advocates in the public policy process. AFP is an organization of grassroots leaders who engage citizens in the name of limited government and free markets on the local, state and federal levels. The grassroots members of AFP advocate for public policies that champion the principles of entrepreneurship and fiscal and regulatory restraint.

CITIZENS AGAINST GOVERNMENT WASTE (CAGW) - is a private, non-partisan, non-profit organization representing more than one million members and supporters nationwide. CAGW's mission is to eliminate waste, mismanagement, and inefficiency in the federal government. Founded in 1984 by the late industrialist J. Peter Grace and syndicated columnist Jack Anderson, CAGW is the legacy of the President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control, also known as the Grace Commission.

TAXPAYERS FOR COMMON SENSE - Our vision is for a federal government that costs less and lives within its means. We seek to transcend ideological and partisan differences to build support for common sense reforms. How do we do it? We work with Congress. TCS works extensively with elected officials from both political parties. TCS positions are often cited during floor debates and TCS testifies frequently before congressional committees.

VIDEOS OF SPEECHES AND NEWS ABOUT PORK BARREL SPENDING New feature using VOD.POD. Click view all to scroll through video collection.


OMB DATABASE - This database provides more information on earmarks in one place than has ever been available through the Federal Government. It is part of an effort to bring greater transparency and accountability to federal spending. This step is consistent with recent changes in the House Rules and Senate legislation, which require more disclosure for future earmarks. The database includes aggregate data on the number and cost of earmarks and displays that information by agency and State. In addition, the database provides details on individual earmarks. This database remains a work in progress. New features will be added in the weeks and months ahead.

CONSOLIDATED FEDERAL FUNDS REPORT - is a presentation of Federal Government expenditures or obligations in state, county, and sub-county areas of the United States. The District of Columbia and U.S. outlying areas also are included. Various Federal Government agencies provide the data for this report from their existing reporting systems. Interactive searches may be performed according to geographic location, object category, Federal agency and Federal program. For Federal program searches, output can be displayed for multiple years and/or multiple states or counties. Data are available for the Federal fiscal years 1993 to the present.

FEDERAL ASSISTANCE AWARDS DATA SYSTEM - After the close of each quarter of the Federal fiscal year, the Federal Assistance Award Data System (FAADS) produces a file of standardized data records on all types of financial assistance awards made by Federal agencies to all types of recipients during the indicated quarter. For more detailed information on the contents of the FAADS data record and files, please consult the appropriate FAADS User Guide.

FEDERAL PROCUREMENT DATA SYSTEM-NEXT GENERATION – is the federal government’s primary database for recording contract awards and is managed by the General Services Administration. It requires registration but it is free.

FEDERAL SPENDING.GOV - OMB has created a Task Force to implement the requirements of this important Act. Here is where you can have an impact on how the Task Force proceeds. Please use the comment box below to provide feedback on how you, as a citizen, would like to see the FFATA implemented and government award information presented.

SENATE APPROPRIATIONS – Contact information for members.

HOUSE APPROPRIATIONS – Contact information for members.


L.O.U.I.S. - the Library Of Unified Information Sources, a project of the Sunlight Foundation, and an effort, to paraphrase Justice Louis Brandeis, to illuminate the workings of the federal government. The ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive, completely indexed and cross-referenced depository of federal documents from the executive and legislative branches of government. They now offer these documents organized in a user-friendly interface, with a powerful search engine.

FEDSPENDING.ORG - relies on the federal government's data for this website. The data is largely from two sources: the Federal Procurement Data System, which contains information about federal contracts; and the Federal Assistance Award Data System, which contains information about federal financial assistance such as grants, loans, insurance, and direct subsidies like Social Security. On February 22, 2007, OMB Watch released a new version of, including updated data for FY 2006, improved navigation, upgraded features, and an application programming interface (API) for advanced users

THE WASHINGTON BUDGET REPORT - is published by The Federal Budget Group LLC, led by Charles S. Konigsberg, veteran budget and fiscal policy advisor to three U.S. Senators and three White House Budget Directors. The Budget Report is designed to provide you with plain English, nonpartisan analysis of Federal Budget developments.

LLRX – “Many of us in a position to be asked do not look forward to the inevitable questions that run along the lines of "did Organization X ever get any federal money?" or "how much do the feds contract out in industry Z?" The problem is that there will seldom be a simple, client-pleasing answer like "oh yes, $52,453,000.75 in fiscal year 2006, according to this single, comprehensive, and authoritative government database." We have to be familiar with a variety of sources, their fundamental strengths and weaknesses, and the ways in which we will have to qualify our answers. One of the inherent challenges is to educate your client about what qualifies as "federal money." There are federal contracts of all shapes and sizes, loans, grants, and other forms of assistance. What's more, contracts result in subcontracts and grant money can pass through one recipient on it way to another and another; little of this sub-award activity is tracked centrally.”

NEW AMERICA FOUNDATION – The purpose of New America Foundation is to bring exceptionally promising new voices and new ideas to the fore of our nation’s public discourse. Relying on a venture capital approach, the Foundation invests in outstanding individuals and policy solutions that transcend the conventional political spectrum. Through its fellowships and issue-specific programs, the Foundation sponsors a wide range of research, writing, conferences and public outreach on the most important global and domestic issues of our time.


FEDERAL SPENDING CHART BOOK - “These and other spending and tax trends affecting ordinary Americans are tracked in the Heritage Foundation’s Federal Revenue and Spending: A Book of Charts, through a series of 36 revised and updated charts. Above all, the Book of Charts is directed towards anyone who is concerned with the mounting fiscal crisis and how it evolved over more than 40 years.”

RECOMMENDED READING – Updated periodically.